Saturday, 27 August 2016

United Support For Peace, USP,(NGO) Encourages Talents In Bonavada, Buea

An international USA based Non-Governmental Organisation, United Support For Peace, USP, which is helping to promote youth activities in communities and fighting for peace in different war torn areas around the world, has stretched its activities to the Bonavada youths, a community in Buea Sub Division, South West Region of Cameroon.


USP in August 2016 supported the Bonavada University Graduate Association (BUGA) in organising two scintillating events 

dubbed ‘Bonavada Got Talents to Show’ and the other event named ‘Mister and Miss Bonavada.’

Bonavada University Graduate Association (BUGA), a Community Development Association was formed in 2016, under the guidance of Dr. David Makongo, an elite of the community, an international business lawyer and philanthropist. 

He has also been donating scholarships and paying school fees for youths of communities in Cameroon and has facilitated the studies of many others in different universities and higher institutions in Cameroon and Africa.

Between 23rd of July to the 20th of August 2016, BUGA, brought together all youths in Bonavada for the ‘Bonavada Got Talent to Show and the Miss and Mr Bonavada competitions, sponsored by the USP founded by the Makongo Family in the USA. There was a cash price of some 300, 000 Frs Cfa amid other awards.

For close to one month, the youths of Bonavada were engaged in singing, poetry, comedy, dancing and the display of the rich and incredible Bonavada culture. 

With the project “Bonavada Got Talent Show Mister And Miss Bonavada”, the Bonavada University Graduate Association through a fashion parade, gave an  opportunity,

for both local and international stylists to display their designs by using those who took part in modeling competition. 

Designing and  modeling according to the BUGA executive is  a profitable alternative to young people who could otherwise turn to harmful  activities in order to make a living.  

At the end  Peter Johnson Molute finally won the Mister Bonavada competition while Marie Crescence Mbella emerged as Miss Bonavada. Other winners included Fanny Josso Ekongolo who displayed her musical and singing talents. 

Other youths like Andrew Nango also mesmerized the jury. “We are very grateful to United Support for Peace and especially its founder, Dr David Makongo and family for engaging the youths and keeping them busy throughout the summer holidays.  

The event was a great success and everyone in our community remains very happy. We do hope to have more of such opportunities as we the youths constitute the future of our community our country and continent,” BUGA President Freddy Esuka said.

 “ We are committed preserve  the rights of the Bonavada Youths in particular and the Bakweri young scholars in general by trying to propose solutions that improves the livelihoods for young graduates in the BONAVADA community and the entire country. 

As a group, the youths are putting hands together try and address the issues of unemployment, poverty, sanitation, health and education. 

The youths must be busy always not only during their long summer holiday,” Dr Makongo said. 

“It is my own way of giving back to the community, my country and the world,” he added.

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