Friday, 22 December 2017

Southern Cameroonians in Belgium and the Akosons Put Smile on Faces of Refugees in Nigeria

Southern Cameroonians in Gent, Belgium have put a huge smile on the faces of Southern Cameroonian Refugees in Nigeria.  Through a donation, pregnant women and hundreds of the refugees were  provided with food and medication.

Some Pregnant women Display delivery kits
Some pregnant women who are on the verge of delivery were provided with delivery kits containing feeding bottles, bathing buckets, sanitary pads, powder, Vaseline and other items to prepare them for the maternity.  The grant was able to pay for all the drugs of up to 122 patients. 

Food items ranging from rice, beans, garri , Indomie were also distributed to some more than 300 Southern Cameroonians who could not benefit from relief supplies from the UNHCR because they had not registered and just arrived Nigeria.

Sir Ekili hands over delivery kits
At the distribution ceremony in Ikom LGA council premises on December 19 2017, one of the pregnant woman who is to give birth this month of December expressed relief. 

“I never knew what I was going to do because I had not bought a single item. I really appreciate our brothers and sisters in Gent, Belgium for thinking about us,” Yvette N. said.

Clothing from the Akosons
A huge box of clothing of all types and shoes that was donated by the Mr and Mrs Akoson were also distributed to many who ran away from different villages in Manyu County with just a single dress.

The different speakers at the distribution ceremony heaped praises on Southern Cameroonians in Belgium for marching words with action.

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The relief material from Gent came after that from the Nigerian Government, the UNHCR, Southern Cameroonians in Canada, SCAC, 

The Takumbeng Relief, The Ambazonia Interim Government, the AGC of Dr Cho Ayaba and the United Support for Peace, NGO among others

Officials from humanitarian organisations such as Rhema Care, the Health and Social Service, HSS of the Interim Government and the Southern Cameroons Civil Defense Cabinet, CDC, were on ground to distribute the relief material from Belgium.

Let the goods reach the refugees- Anderson Eyong
According to Sir Ekili Clarence of the CDC, the major challenge remains the provision of drugs to hundreds of patients food and accommodation hundreds.

The Chairman of Southern Cameroonians in Gent, Belgium, Anderson Eyong said more will be done for the refugees in Nigeria so long as it used for the purpose for which it was sent.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Four Southern Cameroonian Refugees in Nigeria Already Dead...

Chabangav Remains 
At least four Southern Cameroonians have died in less than two months after they began trooping into different areas in Nigeria,most especially the Cross River State.

The latest  recorded case of death occurred on Sunday December 10 2017.  Twenty seven year old,Chabanga Sakwe who lived in the restive Ajassor Camp in the Etung Local government Area, passed on ,after he was reportedly a victim of an accident. He is said to have lived in Nigeria for just a week and five days.

His compatriot and friend Eseme Fabien with whom they lived in Ikiliwinidi before their escape from violence and wanton killings into Nigeria said the accident remains a mystery.

"We were just called by some villagers at about 6 a.m. on December 9 and told that  one of our brothers has had an accident not far from the Ajassor camp where we live.  I met and identified him at a pharmacy and we rushed him to hospital in Ikom. We cannot precise what actually happened to him the night before, " Eseme said. There is suspicion that a driver must have hit him and fled given the wounds Chabanga sustained.

When this reporter visited the County Specialist Hospital in Ikom at about 11 a.m on December 9 , there were wounds and bruises on Chabangas elbows and shoulders . His head was carrying a big plaster as he remained unconscious.

We were informed by the hospital management that the deceased’s x-ray bills and a deposit of 15000 naira,some 2500 frs CFA were paid by two Southern Cameroonians, Sir Ekili Clarence and Tatah Donard of the humanitarian Civil Defense Cabinet, CDC. Tem Martin an official of Rhema Care another humanitarian organistion who was also at the hospital  remarked that Chabanga was battling with himself on the bed which was not a good sign.

After examining the bodily wounds an official of th medical office of health, Dr Unuodion-Odijie Obeyie said  the victim must have apparently died of head injury.

Dr Obeyie and Chabanga’s friend Eseme
“ We will have to conduct an autopsy to confirm exactly what took away his life. From the x-ray and the wounds, I can for now say he died of severe head injury.  We also have to visit the pharmacy in Ajassor where he was earlier rushed to and know exactly as well what actually transpired Dr Obeyie explained.  

This reporter was unable to speak to any of the officials in the pharmacy at the time of filing in this report. Governing Council member , Federick Ndeh, led the delegation of Southern Cameroonians who accompanied Chabangas corpse to a local hospital morgue.

Before the death of Chabanga, a 17 year old boy, Ephraim Etili had died at the Sankwala General Hospital in the Obanliku Local Government Area.  

Officials of the hospital revealed that he suffered from a liver problem.He was buried same day in Amana, another locality hosting more than 3000 refugees who fled violence in Akawya subdivision.

In the same hospital two Southern Cameroonian mothers lost their new born babies . They  were responding to treatment and had left hospital. Medical officials had insinuated that part of the problems faced by the pregnant women was that of malnutrition. Some are reported to have developed complications as they trekked for long distances into Nigeria.

Dr Odeyie, Tem Martin and Ndeh Fedrick at Morgue
Months after Southern Cameroonians began running for safety into Nigeria, the situation was compounded by the statement from the SDO for Manyu, Joseph Um II asking residents of fifteen villages to relocate.  

Hundreds have trooped in in the different temporary settlements  or camps, making accommodation , lodging and feeding to remain a challenge in the different host communities. The Clan head of Agborkim Waterfall village,
HRC Chief Ekuri,was forced at some point to provide food to more than 500 Southern Cameroonians who were forcefully displaced.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Southern Cameroons Refugees Battling With Health Challenges - Case of 130 Pregnant Women and More

Pregnant Women at Obudu Ranch Health Center, RHC
Hundreds of Southern Cameroonians who fled violence are facing serious health challenges as they seek refuge in Nigeria.

A visit to the different camps for almost a week revealed that some are pregnant women who need adequate medical attention. Others are still battling with wounds and other infections.

Case of 130 Pregnant Refugees in Obanliku LGA

The case of pregnant women seems to be a cause for concern.  In one of the camps in Obudu Ranch, on the Obudu mountain in Obanliku LGA, some 51 pregnant women are still wondering what the future holds for them barely  months to delivery.  Beyond the accommodation challenges, many complained that they have not bought a single item as part of preparation to welcome their new born.

Partial View of Pregnant Women at RHC
Majority of these women we learnt, have never visited the clinic. Many of them came from Akwaya without cloths. Using the same loin for two or three days affects mostly the pregnant women. When we did some tests their MP was positive, a community volunteer nurse at the Ranch Community Health Center, Virginia Echile explained on November 11 2017.

CDC Donating Blanckets to Pregnant Women 
"The predominant illnesses from patients that we receive include malaria, typhoid and general body pains. When they were trekking from Akwaya to Kigol - one of the nearest Nigerian village through forest and rivers -   they developed lower abdominal pains since they are pregnant," she said.

The medics also complained that they were running out of drugs. "Everything is almost finished. We need anti-biotics and anti-malaria drugs. We need HIV tests tools to be running their tests, pain killers and other drugs," she explained.

Ranch Clinic Volunteers
“Of the 51 pregnant women, six are due for delivery this November 2017 and 8 for December. We are in serious need of delivery kits to help us manage delivery. We have run out of hand gloves, Amoxilyn, paracetamol and other pain killers. We also need more blankets so that the nursing mothers and babies do not catch cold," added the Chief Community Health Extension Worker of the Ranch Health Center, RHC, Madame Anna Amele. The case of the 51 registered pregnant women in Obudu Ranch Camp constitutes a minute fraction of many others scattered all over the Cross River State and other areas in Nigeria.

At the Sankwala General Hospital in the Obanliku LGA, 25 year old Oneh Janet was as still struggling to sit comfortably on the bed when we arrived there. She is a sick nursing mother to two weeks old Eric. Medical officials explained that she was brought there from another hospital after her situation was witnessing little improvement. "She was fast recovering," they said. In the nearby maternity ward, 17 old pregnant, Ayawa Valentine was just recovering from weeks of fatigue. She was brought to Samkwala with a six month pregnancy from the Ranch Community Health Center.

Janet and Her Son in Sankwala Hosp
"The way she looks they might do cesarean. She sustained serious abdominal pains as she had to trek over a long distance. When she was brought here she was not talking, nor walking. She is better now. She eats how," Ugbe Monica, the nurse in charge explained.

Down town in the Ikom Local Government Area, Mary Chufua who said she fled from violence in Buea with a 3 month pregnancy following a manhunt for her husband  was eating a cocoa pod when she complained.

"I don’t have any money to go to hospital. I have not started my prenatal consultations, " she said.  It was the same message from Ngwa Mado who is six months pregnant.  A smile was on their faces after officials of the Southern Cameroons Civil Defense Cabinet, SC - CDC gave them 10,000 naira each to begin with consultation. They expressed gratitude to Southern Cameroonian Association, SCAC,Canada, that came to their aid.

L-R : Mary, Mado. Madame Itoe 
Late October, it emerged from Rhema Care, one of the Humanitarian Organisations on the ground that there were two deliveries in the Obalinku area every week, while some three cases were due for operation.

“In the Obanliku Local Government Area made up of Amana, Obudu Ranch, Utanga and Sankwala communities, we have close to 130 registered pregnant women. Four of them have been operated while we have six others on the cue. It has not been an easy task especially with the numerous patients who are to be operated. We are struggling to do our best with the means available, " explained Pastor Eric Suh, the CEO of Rhema Care, November 15, 2017.

Medics at the Sankwala General Hospital raised concerns should bleeding patients be brought in.
“Their feeding and water also remain a challenge. Otherwise the other parts are strictly medical. For the medical part of the management we now have a scan machine that  would help us  especially in the diagnoses. Otherwise we are doing our best to ensure every other thing is normal. We discussed that together with Doctors Without Borders. 

Agbokim Waterfall  SC Resident 
I told them that we are not prepared for surgical emergencies for people that may be brought here bleeding. If they are in numbers we would have difficulties managing surgical emergencies. But for medical emergencies. We have no problem about that. We have enough bed space, " the Director of the Hospital , Dr Besong Ferdinand  said.    
Beyond the trouble affecting pregnant women, other ladies also raised complains about their other sick children, some facing serious challenges to feed them. All these complains were recorded at the Abgokim Waterfall Camp.

During a visit to the Ajassor camp in the Etung LGA, mostly made of youths, it was also revealed that there were some who were battling with wounds they sustained in violence in the Southern Cameroons. Some sustained injuries on September 22 and October 1, while others are suffering with muscular pains as a result of walking for several hours, from Mamfe to Nigeria.

Besong, Geeting Treated
"I am grateful to our brothers in Canada who are thinking about us. We are now sure that those of us who have escaped cannot be forgotten, " said Besong Ayamba. The CDC response team  rushed him to County Specialist Hospital in Ikom where the wound he sustained on his left shin as he escaped to safety was treated. They wound was fast decomposing.
There were other Southern Cameroonians who had developed skin infections and others with fractures. 

“We slept at the Maromba forest for almost a month under rain and sunshine. When I arrived Nigeria, I only discovered that I had developed fungi infections which is like ring warm on my legs and hands. No way to go to hospital because I don’t have any money. And the fungi itches me every day very badly, "complained Lawson Nganga who left from Kumba. Similar complains of skin infections were presented by a lady from Akwaya in Amana camp apparently resulting from poor accommodation and sleeping conditions.

Living With a fractured thigh
Challenge of Paying Hospital Bills
It emerged from the different areas visited that though hospitals were doing their best they were facing difficulties with increasing bills. We gathered from medics at the Sankwala General Hospital for instance that, the bills there stood at close to 500 000 naira with more than 13 operations already carried out.

Officials of the Ranch Health Center in Obudu said part of the medical bills there were paid by the UN HCR while more than half has not been cleared. I can assure you to continue treatment of all Southern Cameroonians.  Do not stop the treatment. We are mobilizing ourselves and our people all over the world  and we would eventually foot the bills, "

the SC Executive President Sir Ekili Clarence reassured the nurses, when he was informed on  November 11, that some more than 200 naira was owed the health facility by Southern Cameroonians.  The CDC was up the Obudu Ranch health Center to provide warm clothing, blankets and other non-food items to pregnant women as a result of the cold weather on the mountain.

Open Defecation Needs Attention
CDC Sir Ekili and Pastor Eric at Sankwala Hosp
Open defecation was an issue raised by the local community volunteers amid fears of outbreak of diseases like diarrhea, typhoid and dysentery, if measures are not urgently taken to provide the local community with toilets and proper care to the  water sources.
“There is need for the implementation of Water Hygiene and Sanitation programs because open defecation is an environmental and public health challenge, " said Pastor Eric Suh.

Solomon Amabo, Cross River State, Nigeria

Friday, 10 November 2017

Refugees Cry Out to Nigeria Against Killing of Southern Cameroonians

Refugees Crying out to Nigeria
Refugees are calling on Nigeria to help put an end to the killing of Southern Cameroonians by the Cameroon army.

They spoke November 9 2017, at one of the refugee camps in Ajasso, Etung Local Government Area, Cross River State, when researchers from the Nigerian Defense Collage, NDC, came visiting. Their mission was to find out how the close to 400 refugees in the camp were living, how they were being treated as well as know their challenges.

Sir Ekili and NDC Reserchers Mrs Elendu and Ms Uchegbu 
The reserachers also spoke to some immigration officials and advised that they continue to display Nigeira,"s legendary hospitality.

"Nigeria is a big voice in Ecowas. Nigeria is a big voice at the UN and in other international organizations. Nigeria can advocate in the SC Ambazonian Crisis. I just believe that if they do that for us we would always appreciate," one of the coordinators of the camp, Tanyi Lord told the NDC delegation.

Some other refugees called on Nigeria to mount pressure on international community to cause the Republic of Cameroon to put a halt to the wanton killing of Southern Cameroonians, causing many to flee for their lives.

Women too Had their say
“They have been slaughtering Southern Cameroonians in their numbers causing us to be here. 

We just think Nigeria should help tell La Republic to put an end to the killings, abductions and arrests of our people,"one of the refugees said.

In another camp, the NDC was informed about problems of accommodation, feeding, and the need for the Federal Government to provide some loans for them to start up petty businesses like fish smoking. 

The delegation was also informed about an isolated case of immigration harassment and attempted extortion. One of the refugee complained she was asked to pay 500 naira at a checkpoint after her Cameroonian identity card was retained. It was handed to her only when her elder sister intervened, pleading for mercy.

Mama Ambazonia seated- She Transfromed her House to a camp
One of the refugees, Kum Victor, also explained to their guest s that the Cameroon army was targeting mostly Southern Cameroonian youths to kill and maim because they believe they are the ones who can fight back against brutality. Others explained how soldiers were breaking into their houses and shooting peaceful protesters from helicopter gunships.

The refugees in other communities like the Agbokim Waterfall area, expressed gratitude for the warm welcome they received and are still receiving from Nigerians, hosting them in some cases in their houses, in the absence of UN-styled camps.

Addressing refugees in Agbokim Waterfall camp
NDC Research Fellow, Mrs Elendu Christiana, reassured the refugees that measures have been put in place against harassment on Southern Cameroonians and sanctions to defaulting security officers were not ruled out. 

At different checkpoints the NDC delegation took time to explain to the immigration and other security officers to welcome every Southern Cameroonian with open arms. “We are all brothers separated by rivers and forests. Be friendly to them and don’t close doors. They are carrying no weapons and some even arrive with plastic bags. Continue to keep the Nigerian hospitality on the spotlight, Mrs Elengu said.

Some Refugees in Abgokim, mostly women and children
The NDC enjoined Southern Cameroonians to remain law abiding , avoid anything to do with militancy and cultism. It was also gathered that there are now five states bearing the brunt of the refugee crisis - Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Taraba and Delta state.
At the Cameroon Nigeria boarder between Ikom and Ekok, the gates on the Cameroonian side of the border remain closed as vehicles could be seen cuing on the Nigerian side.

The visit of the NDC delegation that included Ms Juliet Uchegbu,  comes ahead of a top security meeting slated for the 14 of November 2017 in Abuja. Discussions are to focus on the Nigerian-Cameroon relations following the spillover of the Southern Cameroon crisis.

Ikom-Ekok Boarder Post
Southern Cameroons Civil Defense Cabinet, CDC, Sir Ekili Clarence ,after a working session with the NDC delegation later told the press that the humanitarian CDC organization was facing challenges to move to the different camps given their distances, and expressed the need for the UN and the Nigerian Commission for Refugees to get Southern Cameroonians register and enable more than three quarter of them without relief to get assistance.  

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Southern Cameroons Refugees Long Walk to Nigeria…Untold Stories..

As many Southern Cameroonians continue to forcefully run away into Nigeria, it might have been an easy ride for some. At least using the  Trans African Highway that passes through Nigeria. Others had foreseen danger and decided to relocate before the situation escalated on September 22 2017. 

My Husband was Killed- Omange
Many others were forced to leave their homes for fear of arrest and killing as recounted by the Refugees. A majority of them were compelled to a long walk to safety in Nigeria and especially in the Cross River State, given their different untold stories. 

There are clear indications that the influx of displaced Southern Cameroonians intensified after October 1 when the Federal Republic of Ambazonia declared its independence. Akwaya and Eyumojock Divisions in the Southern Cameroons remain the most hit with as many as 196 displaced families in some cases.

Refugees from Akwaya at Obudu Up Ranch 
He looked worried this November 5 2017 after leaving one of the camps in Abokim, in the Etung Local Government Area to the council premises in Ikom. 

Lawson Nganga, could not hide his feelings when he was not offered relief from the Nigerian Commission for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons. He is one of the yet to be registered refugees. He took time to explain how he spent almost one month in the Maromba Forest.  

“It was one afternoon after September 22. Soldiers of the Cameroonian army attacked Maromba II village in Kumba, Meme Division and were beating people and ransacking households. The youths were targeted,recalled the 35 year old cocoa farmer. "The only option was for about 12 of us to leave for the Maromba Forest where we spent some four days.  We had to make our way to Mamfe. 

From there, we trekked to Nigeria. We found ourselves being beaten by rain in the forest. We were living mainly on food crops like cocoyams and plantains we roasted while on the journey. Some villagers in areas where we passed through also gave us assistance. We trekked for days and arrived with nothing," he explained.

Akwaya is Behind the mountains. Seen from Obudu Ranch
According to Assam Ekuri Assam, the brutality of the soldiers was inexplicable. "I was forced to abandon my home opposite Apolo Bar around Eyomojock subdivision gendarmerie brigade. It was on October 4 2017.

“Soldiers just got into my home, kicked the pot from the fireside on which my wife was cooking.  They threatened to arrest me and everyone. We were not feeling safe anymore as they continued to harass my family.I had to leave with my pregnant wife and three children who are 10, 8 and six years respectively.  The journey too was not an easy one. I carried my last child on my back, held the others two by hand.  We were on foot for almost six hours and reached the Sanakang, a border village. 

From there we took a boat to Nigeria. At some stage my children were.   My wife may give birth very soon –she is 8 months pregnant and it is a difficult situation for me. Where they sleep and eat is another story," he narrated. Assam like many other families undertook the journey. Statistics from  humanitarian organisations on ground shows that some 140 families from Akwaya were displaced from Akwaya alone. 

My Child lived on biscuits for three days - Elizebeth N
In one of the camps in Ajasso, Etung LGA, hosting some of the refugees, mostly children and women, the story of the baby who lived on biscuits for three days days is on every lip. 

Mme Elizabeth Ntui said her husband was being hunted down by security forces in Mamfe town for what she claimed is his believe and support to the Ambazonia Republic. Her husband had fled since after September 22 and there were threats on her family.

The soldiers kept coming to our house at Ndebaya village in Eyumojok demanding the whereabouts of my husband. There were several gunshots to a point where one of my daughters had convulsion. We felt insecure and had to move into a nearby bush.  I and my three kids survived on biscuits until we reached Ekok in Cameroon. Soldiers arrested us and we had to explain that we were traveling to Nigeria to visit my father in law before we were freed. We then used a boat from Cameroon to border to Nsang, a neighbouring town in Nigeria. It was a difficult experience but we are happy we arrived Nigeria," she said. Elizabeth N. is living in a house now transformed into a camp. The area is host to about 35 children. They were separated from their parents.

With Nigerian security Official
In the case of Southern Cameroonians who fled from Akwaya, the walk lasted several hours. From Akwaya main town they were forced to move to a border area called Kalamo in Cameroon. Their entry point into Nigeria after almost 5 hours of walk through a foot path is Kigol, a village just under the Obudu Ranch. 

The altitude of the ranch is like the journey to hut 1 on Buea Mountain. There were several stories of families who could not trace their loved ones. As at October 15, we were informed by local authorities that 86 households had been affected.

"We were living in Akwaya main town. Soldiers came in on October 1 and killed my husband Omenge Areta. They destroyed our house and we were forced to join others to move.  I had to take my four children and leave to Kigol in Nigeria, passing through forests and rivers,"recounted Omange Charity who burst into tears as she explained that her children were finding it difficult to have food. This was on October 30 2017.

There are several other dreadful stories of another woman whose baby was swept away by a river as she crossed into Nigeria.  We were informed by local community leaders that she has been weeping and isolating herself.
Concordant sources also told us that security forces prevented many people who wanted to engage in the long walk to Nigeria from Southern Cameroons. These forceful displacement has caused a lot of health problems to Southern Cameroonians while in Nigeria. This is subject of the next report.

Solomon Amabo. Cross River State, Nigeria.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Declaration of Independence of Ambazonia Caused Influx of Refugees- Nigerian Refugee Commission ...GC Visits

Chairman, Ikom LGA
The Nigerian Government has pledged total protection of Southern Cameroons refugees as thousands of them continue to flee to safety. 

The Chairman of the Ikom Local Government Area made the pledge on November 2 2017 when the country's Federal Commission for refugees was flagging off the distribution of food and non-food items and relief materials to the displaced persons.

Mr Julius Adie said in as much as Nigeria would protect all the refugees, by providing care and support, he urged the African Union and other international organisations to help resolve the crisis in Cameroon.
Ambazonia Independence Caused Influx of refugees- Mr Imosan
Also speaking on the protection of the Southern Cameroons Refugees, the Director General of the Nigerian Cross Rivers 

State Emergency Management Agency, SEMA, John Inaku, warned against rape of any of the refugees, promising severe sanctions.  'Security forces should not smile at any acts of attempted rape, ' he warned.

Declaration of Independence of Ambazonia Caused Influx of Refugees 

Mr Imosan E. Imosan, who spoke for the honorable federal Commissioner of the Nigerian National Commission for Refugees Migrants and Internally Displaced persons, NCRMIDP, which provided the relief and support, said the declaration of the independence of the Republic of Ambazonia, caused the mass movement of refugees into the country Nigeria.

First SC recipient 
"The attention of the Nigeria was drawn to the symbolic declaration of a sovereign state and independence of Ambazonia by the Anglophone Cameroonians, through hoisting of flags and singing of the national anthem in strategic locations in Cameroon Republic on the 1st of October 2017. 

This action culminated in the repressive attacks by government security agents on armless civilians, wanton destruction of valuable properties and arbitrary arrest and detention of mass population, mostly youths women and children. Even scores of deaths were recorded. The consequences of such attacks has been the remarkable influx of Cameroonians into the bordering towns of Ikom, Boki, Obanliku etc in Cross River State, Gembu on Taraba State and other surrounding locations, ' he explained.

The flagging off ceremony that took place at the Ikom LGA premises saw the presence of members of the Governing Council, GC of Southern Cameroons.

GC Delegation.. 2nd from left, Prof Anyangwe, Milan, Oswald and Ndeh 
Professor Carlson Anyangwe who was part of the GC delegation appreciated the Nigerian government and the host communities for taking care of the refugees.

“Your action is a demonstration of African hospitality. We are happy that Nigeria was again able to demonstrate that she was a big brother in Africa. Our people will know how to pay you back," he said.  The governing council delegation later left for one of the camps in the Etung LGA, hosting more than 200 refugees.

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The Southern Cameroons Civil Defense Cabinet, CDC Executive President, one of the humanitarian organisations which have been providing relief to the displaced, paid tribute to Nigerian legendary hospitality.  

Sir Ekili Clarence said in every premature birth special midwives and incubators and needed for the premature babies to attain their normal growth rate. "With the love and support from the Nigerian people, you have proven to be those special midwives. He called on all Southern Cameroonian Refugees to respect the laws of their host country and be one another's keeper.

Cross Section of Refugees
The items provided Southern Cameroonians include rice, beans, corn, stoves, blankets, buckets, matrasses and other household equipment. 

The exercise for a start concerns only the displaced persons who are registered with the Nigerian Commission for Refugees. The distribution is a huge supplement to efforts in that direction earlier made by the SC Defense Cabinet with donations from the Southern Cameroons Association in Canada, SCAC.

One of the beneficiaries of Nigerian largesse, Mme Anna Niba, commended the efforts of the Nigerian government and all those who were hosting the refugees.