Friday, 25 November 2016

Atanga Nji is Dishonest, Proposes Bad Solutions - Prof Vincent-Sosthène Fouda

The academic and Cameroonian politician, Prof. Vincent Sosthène FOUDA, author of numerous books on the building of the Nation-State in Cameroon, has stated that Minister in Charge of Special Duties, Paul Atanga Nji is a dishonest man who proposes bad solutions to the Anglophone problem, which he insists exist in Cameroon.

In his outing Professor Fouda argues the Minister does not know the history of Cameroon and ignores the daily suffering and the realities of his fellow citizens.

He recalls that in 1961  two national anthems coexisted; an allusion to the failure of the process of reunification.

He tells Atanga Nji not to confuse the arrangements between individuals with the destiny of a people and a nation.

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The demands of the Cameroonian population mainly in the Region of the Northwest caused an outing of the Minister in Charge of Special Duties at the Presidency of the Republic, Mr. Paul Atanga Nji.

In fact, the Minister looks caught in the grip of the incompetence and usurpation of power that characterizes the regime of “renouveau”. This other Biya’s servant is not connected to his people, thus he ignores the daily suffering and the realities of his fellow citizens. His intervention is a game at the sand’s merchant of "Bonne Nuit les Petits".
Since 1961, date of the reunification of the two Cameroons, which should never have been separated, we await the advent of national unity in facts and texts.

Since July 12, 1978, two national anthems separated us as if to tell us that we are two different peoples who need two distinct countries.

Since 2008, lawyers from Anglophone Cameroon have been waiting, for the translated texts of the OHADA treaties and the CIMA (Inter-Africaan Insurance Markets) Code. We have here only to list legal problems which concern the political will, the attachment to national unity and finally the acceptance. (how do we welcome the other who is not us when he is in an unfamiliar space?).

This is not, as the Permanent Secretary of the National Security Council, Paul AtangaNjie points out, about whether he has been in Yaoundé for 30 years or whether he has Ewondo friends  who live in Bamenda. 78% of Cameroonians have no drinking water, 67% live in permanent darkness, 86% of Divisions in Cameroon are not connected by roads. This list is far from being exhaustive.

Threats and intimidation are practices that have evolved. For those who have kept President Biya in the Unity Palace, by keeping him out of touch with his own people and their legitimate aspirations, the time has come! It is never too late for President to polish his legacy. Those people surrounding you are not serving Cameroon, but their own interests. I am pretty sure you have come to the same conclusion by now.

Mr. Atanga Nji is a dishonest man who proposes bad solutions. This is not because we respect the unity of the Cameroon that we must blind the eyes on the monstrous failures of a collapsing regime.We do not call for consultation and dialogue with a pair of handcuffs. 

Personally I have experienced it in my flesh in 2011, when for 48 hours I was deprived of my freedom, handcuffed like an animal. I understood better what it meant to try to understand the truth about the trafficking of infants in Cameroon.

Yes, there is Anglophone problem in Cameroon. Yes, there is an evil being a Cameroonian due to poor governance and the selfishness of those who think that to govern is lying, wielding a weapon against a people at the edge of an asphyxiation.

Yes, I bring my total support to teachers, lawyers, to all corporations and trade union organizations in the Republic, one and indivisible. We say to the Government of the Republic that we deserve better.


  1. Well put and Atanga adds one more diabolic feather to his shattered cap

  2. Good job Solomon keep it up brother.