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The Biya Regime Lost in 1990 and Will Lose Again - Boh Herbert Replies Minister Atanga Nji

Veteran journalist, Boh Hebert, says the Biya regime lost when it tried in the 1990s to prevent a return to political pluralism in Cameroon and will lose again in the ongoing struggle for the restoration of the state hood of British Southern Cameroons. 

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert  : The People Don't Back Down 
In reaction to the outing on CRTV by Paul Atanga Nji, Minister in Charge of Special Duty at the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon, in the wake of protests by Common Law Lawyers and Teachers West of the Mungo, Boh accused Nji of sacrificing his people, even his family, at the altar of the Biya regime. 

Pointing out that the Minister's statement of November 24 2016, is taking Cameroonians back to the future, Boh who also serves as a spokesperson (Ntumfoyn) of His Royal Highness the Fon of Kom in the USA, promises that the people don’t back down, will never give up and will overcome.

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This is Minister Paul Atanga Nji doing what he is paid to do: sacrificing his people and everyone in his own family (if needed) at the altar of the god of Etoudi. This is Minister Atanga Nji bringing us back to the future.

Remember - In May 1990, from the depths of his cell at New Bell Prison (Douala), Minister Paul Atanga Nji penned and smuggled out a statement in which he offered unconditional support for the Biya regime, vowing to defend one party tyranny with his own life (if needed).

Then, as today, his statement was given lavish coverage on the propaganda network of the dictatorial regime he was begging to serve. The statement was an over-the-top condemnation of efforts by the SDF to return Cameroon to political pluralism. Like all statements kissing up to the head of the regime, it found its way to the air waves of Radio Cameroon (the grandmother of CRTV).

In style that even feymen would be afraid to employ, he claimed in the statement from New Bell Prison to speak on behalf of the North West Elites. This "one person" - excuse me - this one detainee or one prisoner "motion de soutien" lied to the world and to Biya about speaking on behalf of many decent people whom he had never even bothered to consult.

Paul Atanga Nji : Singing for his Supper? 
As loudly as he does in this CRTV interview, the then detainee or prisoner swore that the SDF will not succeed. He pledged, as he does in his interview with CRTV, that the regime will come out on top. 

He sounded as confident then as he does today that the regime will never legalize opposition political parties.

 It called Ni John Fru Ndi and all those showing support for an end to one party rule as misguided fellows; as anti-Cameroon individuals who were somehow bent on destroying the nation. He chastised SDF followers then as failing to recognize all the good the god of Etoudi is doing for Anglophones and for Bamenda.

The words the detainee Paul Atanga Nji spoke then are the same as those spoken today by Minister Paul Atanga Nji. He is the same today as he was yesterday and will be tomorrow. He is willing to tell any half truths or outright lies in order to get a place at the side of god at Etoudi. It is evident that he won't stop even if it comes to sacrificing his own people.

Here is a reminder for Minister Paul Atanga Nji:

1. The people who defied you and the regime in 1990 are the same people today. We don't back down. We will never give up. We will overcome.

2. The people working to make sure you don't enslave and/or colonize them are the same who ignored the anger of those your Dimabola marches of 1990 and went ahead and did our thing.

3. We are the same people who were, according to you, misled in 1990 into campaigning for political pluralism; the same people who defied your troops and launched the SDF.

4. In case you have forgotten, we are those who won in the end. Sorry, Mister Minister, but you and your regime lost in 1990 and you will lose again in the days and weeks ahead.

By Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)

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