Friday, 10 November 2017

Refugees Cry Out to Nigeria Against Killing of Southern Cameroonians

Refugees Crying out to Nigeria
Refugees are calling on Nigeria to help put an end to the killing of Southern Cameroonians by the Cameroon army.

They spoke November 9 2017, at one of the refugee camps in Ajasso, Etung Local Government Area, Cross River State, when researchers from the Nigerian Defense Collage, NDC, came visiting. Their mission was to find out how the close to 400 refugees in the camp were living, how they were being treated as well as know their challenges.

Sir Ekili and NDC Reserchers Mrs Elendu and Ms Uchegbu 
The reserachers also spoke to some immigration officials and advised that they continue to display Nigeira,"s legendary hospitality.

"Nigeria is a big voice in Ecowas. Nigeria is a big voice at the UN and in other international organizations. Nigeria can advocate in the SC Ambazonian Crisis. I just believe that if they do that for us we would always appreciate," one of the coordinators of the camp, Tanyi Lord told the NDC delegation.

Some other refugees called on Nigeria to mount pressure on international community to cause the Republic of Cameroon to put a halt to the wanton killing of Southern Cameroonians, causing many to flee for their lives.

Women too Had their say
“They have been slaughtering Southern Cameroonians in their numbers causing us to be here. 

We just think Nigeria should help tell La Republic to put an end to the killings, abductions and arrests of our people,"one of the refugees said.

In another camp, the NDC was informed about problems of accommodation, feeding, and the need for the Federal Government to provide some loans for them to start up petty businesses like fish smoking. 

The delegation was also informed about an isolated case of immigration harassment and attempted extortion. One of the refugee complained she was asked to pay 500 naira at a checkpoint after her Cameroonian identity card was retained. It was handed to her only when her elder sister intervened, pleading for mercy.

Mama Ambazonia seated- She Transfromed her House to a camp
One of the refugees, Kum Victor, also explained to their guest s that the Cameroon army was targeting mostly Southern Cameroonian youths to kill and maim because they believe they are the ones who can fight back against brutality. Others explained how soldiers were breaking into their houses and shooting peaceful protesters from helicopter gunships.

The refugees in other communities like the Agbokim Waterfall area, expressed gratitude for the warm welcome they received and are still receiving from Nigerians, hosting them in some cases in their houses, in the absence of UN-styled camps.

Addressing refugees in Agbokim Waterfall camp
NDC Research Fellow, Mrs Elendu Christiana, reassured the refugees that measures have been put in place against harassment on Southern Cameroonians and sanctions to defaulting security officers were not ruled out. 

At different checkpoints the NDC delegation took time to explain to the immigration and other security officers to welcome every Southern Cameroonian with open arms. “We are all brothers separated by rivers and forests. Be friendly to them and don’t close doors. They are carrying no weapons and some even arrive with plastic bags. Continue to keep the Nigerian hospitality on the spotlight, Mrs Elengu said.

Some Refugees in Abgokim, mostly women and children
The NDC enjoined Southern Cameroonians to remain law abiding , avoid anything to do with militancy and cultism. It was also gathered that there are now five states bearing the brunt of the refugee crisis - Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Taraba and Delta state.
At the Cameroon Nigeria boarder between Ikom and Ekok, the gates on the Cameroonian side of the border remain closed as vehicles could be seen cuing on the Nigerian side.

The visit of the NDC delegation that included Ms Juliet Uchegbu,  comes ahead of a top security meeting slated for the 14 of November 2017 in Abuja. Discussions are to focus on the Nigerian-Cameroon relations following the spillover of the Southern Cameroon crisis.

Ikom-Ekok Boarder Post
Southern Cameroons Civil Defense Cabinet, CDC, Sir Ekili Clarence ,after a working session with the NDC delegation later told the press that the humanitarian CDC organization was facing challenges to move to the different camps given their distances, and expressed the need for the UN and the Nigerian Commission for Refugees to get Southern Cameroonians register and enable more than three quarter of them without relief to get assistance.  

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