Thursday, 1 December 2016

Gov’t Recruits, Disburses 2 Billion FCFA To Kill Teachers’ Strike... Unions React

In what is being considered  as a desperate attempt to put a definite end to the strike action by Teachers Trade Unions, the Prime Minister and Head of the Cameroon government has announced the recruitment of teachers and the disbursement of funds.

A statement from the PM’s office dated November 30 2016 announces the recruitment of some 1000 bilingual teachers.

The statement did not precise what it meant by ‘bilingual teachers.’
The  teachers to be recruited according to the PM's statement, must have a scientific and technical academic background and would  be transferred to regions witnessing shortage in the domain.

The same release signed by PM Yang Philemon announced the disbursement of the sum of 2 billion FCFA for lay private, nondenominational  and professional institutions.

The statement did not say how soon the recruitment process would start and did not precise any eligibility criteria.

“ All the Trade Unions would be meeting tomorrow (December 2 2016)  to make and official statement. I can quickly say the PM kept his word and one of the important conditions was the putting in place a commission taking into consideration our proposals. 

The special recruitment to fill in the gap  for teachers, the subvention to lay private and denominational schools are the issues to be looked into by the ad hoc commission. The strike has not been definitely called off. 

The strike may be suspended because work is in progress. But where there is a breach, we would not let go,” the President of the Presbyterian Education Authority Teacher’s Trade Union, Afu Stephen said.

It remains unclear how soon the ad hoc commission would begin work.


  1. Beautifully written!!!

  2. What happened to outright demand for independence for Southern Cameroon? How long will this piece meal appeasement go on? Grievance for marginalization, brutal response by troops directed from East Cameroon, followed by throwing in bread crumps to gullible Ambazonians and then there's a temporal respite until the next round of abuse by Mr. Biya's government. I don't understand. Someone please help me.