Sunday, 23 October 2016

Three SDF Members Arrested in Limbe, Chairman’s Car Impounded

Security forces have arrested three militants of the Limbe Electoral District of the opposition Social Democratic Front, SDF party in the South West Region of Cameroon.

The arrests took place in the Bimbia neigbourhood October 23 2016.  Those arrested include Mbuta Mandela, Kometa (who is said a party vanguard) and Moki Benjamen.  

They are said to have been whisked off to the Limbe police station. The police had earlier besieged the house of the chairman of the Limbe electoral district, Godden Zama for hours, in an attempt to arrest him.  Reports say Zama remained in his locked house after which elements of the Rapid intervention Police unit Esir were called in for reinforcement.  

After a failed attempt at arresting Zama, the towing truck of the Limbe City Council, LCC, was called in. In the reported presence of the LCC Secretary General, Zama’s car was towed away.

Concordant reports say the origins of the standoff was the reorganization and installation of executives of the Bimbia ward of the SDF party.

Witnesses said when the Divisional Officer for Limbe III prevented the SDF members, on grounds that they had no authorization they are said to have converged on their chairman’s residence for a rescheduling of their gathering when security forces stepped in to halt them.

Several attempts at getting to the SDO for Fako, Zang III, whose administrative unit is at the center of  the incident have been futile. His phone rang and was not picked up.

“I will eventually seek legal redress. We have to ensure the release of our members. We see the ruling party holding spontaneous meetings without any intervention. We would not give into any intimidation by the administration. Our lawyers would advise,” Godden Zama said. 

Godden Zama had been detained earlier this year for organizing a protest demonstration to demand the Limbe City Council to put up a befitting market for the petroleum producing city.

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