Friday, 4 March 2016


As earlier predicted, the delegation of Cameroonian diplomats who were on a fact finding mission in the Middle East have returned to the country early today March 4 2016 without visiting Kuwait and the government shelter, where more that 60 Cameroonian girls, suspected Victims of Human trafficking (VoT) have been awaiting voluntary repatriation, some for almost 9 months now.
The delegation headed by the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of  External Relations,MINREX, in charge of the Islamic Affairs, Adoum Gargoum and his team,
 were in Lebanon, Quarter and the United Arab Emirates where they are expected to have strengthened bilateral relationship with those countries.
One of the diplomats who was among the officials, made a series of statements without necessarily touching on the issues which are at stake : measures taken to regulate traveling to the Middle East countries 
and what is being  done to repatriate trapped compatriots from the government shelter in Kuwait and other repatriation facilities in the Middle East. It was also expected that the delegation investigate under what circumstances a Cameroonian lady identified as Beneditta Vuyufambon died barley two weeks after arriving Kuwait to pick up a servant job otherwise known in Arabic  as "Kadama".
Her death certificate dated July 6 2015 indicated that she died of 'respiratory problems,' with her family back home denying she was sick before leaving Cameroon for the Middle East. 
The deceased friend’s had accused her suspected trafficker, a certain Pulcherine Oweri, of having a hand in her death with unconfirmed reports indicating that the lady was beaten to death.
With no palpable updates on the Middle East trip, an official we contacted spent time praising the Head of State in response to the issues raised. 
The official wrote :  “Informe par l'Ambassade de la situation de plus en plus dramatique des Camerounaises au Koweit, le chef de l'Etat a demande au Minrex qui abrite la direction en charge de la diaspora camerounaises de reflechie sur les solutions  devant permettre 
d'apporter toute l'assistance et la protection necessaires a nos compatriotes.  Des reunions interminiterielles ont permis de mettre en place une strategie que Le chef de l'Etat a instruit de mettre en oeuvre de toute urgence.”
La presence de cette important mission su Liban en est Le debut et tous les pays du Golfe sont programmed pour recevoir cette mission. La strategie arretee qui beneficie déjà de l'entiere collaboration de nos partenaires concernes,
 demontrera de facon ineluctable l'interet constant du Chef de l'Etat pour la diaspora camerounaise dont Le role pourrait etre determinant dans Le developpement de notre pays dans la perspective de l'emergence.”
Loosely translated and summarized., the official  said the department of Cameroonians in diaspora in MINREX was asked to propose solutions, assistance and protection to the suffering Cameroonians in the Middle East without giving an iota of what was really transpiring.  The official boasted  that inter-ministerial meetings have taken place and an unknown strategy put in place. 
The source said the strategy has received the blessings of different partners and that the President of the Republic has the interest of Cameroonians in diaspora at heart. 

It remained  difficult to decipher what concretely has been done or is being done since the delegation made what is been considered by  critics as a safari trip to the Middle East. 

We gathered from other sources at MINREX that the delegation may be back in Kuwait within an unprecised period and that there are up to 477 Cameroonians in Kuwait alone.
Meanwhile there is still anger and frustration at the Kuwaiti government shelter with most of the ladies there threatening to leave and roam the streets.

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