Friday, 22 December 2017

Southern Cameroonians in Belgium and the Akosons Put Smile on Faces of Refugees in Nigeria

Southern Cameroonians in Gent, Belgium have put a huge smile on the faces of Southern Cameroonian Refugees in Nigeria.  Through a donation, pregnant women and hundreds of the refugees were  provided with food and medication.

Some Pregnant women Display delivery kits
Some pregnant women who are on the verge of delivery were provided with delivery kits containing feeding bottles, bathing buckets, sanitary pads, powder, Vaseline and other items to prepare them for the maternity.  The grant was able to pay for all the drugs of up to 122 patients. 

Food items ranging from rice, beans, garri , Indomie were also distributed to some more than 300 Southern Cameroonians who could not benefit from relief supplies from the UNHCR because they had not registered and just arrived Nigeria.

Sir Ekili hands over delivery kits
At the distribution ceremony in Ikom LGA council premises on December 19 2017, one of the pregnant woman who is to give birth this month of December expressed relief. 

“I never knew what I was going to do because I had not bought a single item. I really appreciate our brothers and sisters in Gent, Belgium for thinking about us,” Yvette N. said.

Clothing from the Akosons
A huge box of clothing of all types and shoes that was donated by the Mr and Mrs Akoson were also distributed to many who ran away from different villages in Manyu County with just a single dress.

The different speakers at the distribution ceremony heaped praises on Southern Cameroonians in Belgium for marching words with action.

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The relief material from Gent came after that from the Nigerian Government, the UNHCR, Southern Cameroonians in Canada, SCAC, 

The Takumbeng Relief, The Ambazonia Interim Government, the AGC of Dr Cho Ayaba and the United Support for Peace, NGO among others

Officials from humanitarian organisations such as Rhema Care, the Health and Social Service, HSS of the Interim Government and the Southern Cameroons Civil Defense Cabinet, CDC, were on ground to distribute the relief material from Belgium.

Let the goods reach the refugees- Anderson Eyong
According to Sir Ekili Clarence of the CDC, the major challenge remains the provision of drugs to hundreds of patients food and accommodation hundreds.

The Chairman of Southern Cameroonians in Gent, Belgium, Anderson Eyong said more will be done for the refugees in Nigeria so long as it used for the purpose for which it was sent.

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