Sunday, 10 December 2017

Four Southern Cameroonian Refugees in Nigeria Already Dead...

Chabangav Remains 
At least four Southern Cameroonians have died in less than two months after they began trooping into different areas in Nigeria,most especially the Cross River State.

The latest  recorded case of death occurred on Sunday December 10 2017.  Twenty seven year old,Chabanga Sakwe who lived in the restive Ajassor Camp in the Etung Local government Area, passed on ,after he was reportedly a victim of an accident. He is said to have lived in Nigeria for just a week and five days.

His compatriot and friend Eseme Fabien with whom they lived in Ikiliwinidi before their escape from violence and wanton killings into Nigeria said the accident remains a mystery.

"We were just called by some villagers at about 6 a.m. on December 9 and told that  one of our brothers has had an accident not far from the Ajassor camp where we live.  I met and identified him at a pharmacy and we rushed him to hospital in Ikom. We cannot precise what actually happened to him the night before, " Eseme said. There is suspicion that a driver must have hit him and fled given the wounds Chabanga sustained.

When this reporter visited the County Specialist Hospital in Ikom at about 11 a.m on December 9 , there were wounds and bruises on Chabangas elbows and shoulders . His head was carrying a big plaster as he remained unconscious.

We were informed by the hospital management that the deceased’s x-ray bills and a deposit of 15000 naira,some 2500 frs CFA were paid by two Southern Cameroonians, Sir Ekili Clarence and Tatah Donard of the humanitarian Civil Defense Cabinet, CDC. Tem Martin an official of Rhema Care another humanitarian organistion who was also at the hospital  remarked that Chabanga was battling with himself on the bed which was not a good sign.

After examining the bodily wounds an official of th medical office of health, Dr Unuodion-Odijie Obeyie said  the victim must have apparently died of head injury.

Dr Obeyie and Chabanga’s friend Eseme
“ We will have to conduct an autopsy to confirm exactly what took away his life. From the x-ray and the wounds, I can for now say he died of severe head injury.  We also have to visit the pharmacy in Ajassor where he was earlier rushed to and know exactly as well what actually transpired Dr Obeyie explained.  

This reporter was unable to speak to any of the officials in the pharmacy at the time of filing in this report. Governing Council member , Federick Ndeh, led the delegation of Southern Cameroonians who accompanied Chabangas corpse to a local hospital morgue.

Before the death of Chabanga, a 17 year old boy, Ephraim Etili had died at the Sankwala General Hospital in the Obanliku Local Government Area.  

Officials of the hospital revealed that he suffered from a liver problem.He was buried same day in Amana, another locality hosting more than 3000 refugees who fled violence in Akawya subdivision.

In the same hospital two Southern Cameroonian mothers lost their new born babies . They  were responding to treatment and had left hospital. Medical officials had insinuated that part of the problems faced by the pregnant women was that of malnutrition. Some are reported to have developed complications as they trekked for long distances into Nigeria.

Dr Odeyie, Tem Martin and Ndeh Fedrick at Morgue
Months after Southern Cameroonians began running for safety into Nigeria, the situation was compounded by the statement from the SDO for Manyu, Joseph Um II asking residents of fifteen villages to relocate.  

Hundreds have trooped in in the different temporary settlements  or camps, making accommodation , lodging and feeding to remain a challenge in the different host communities. The Clan head of Agborkim Waterfall village,
HRC Chief Ekuri,was forced at some point to provide food to more than 500 Southern Cameroonians who were forcefully displaced.

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