Sunday, 18 September 2016

BOOKS & PEOPLE : Seven Year Old Enthusiastic About Her Book Launch in Johannesburg

Seven year old, Michelle Nkamankeng 
author of  Waiting for the Waves  
says she is very enthusiastic about the upcoming 
launching of her first book. 

The first launching has been slated 
for the 21st September 2016 at Old
 Chapel Theatre of Sacred Heart College,  

Campus Johannesburg, where she is a grade two 
learner (Class 3 in Primary School). 

The Second launching takes place at the Wits 

University Education campus on October 1 2016.

The South African citizen told the South African National Broadcaster’s (SABC) official radio station, SA FM, recently that, she is keeping manuscripts of 3 other books.

She said she drew her inspiration to write  Waiting for the Waves  after she visited the beach with her family in South Africa. 

Seeing the waves rising and falling, she believed that she was encouraged not to fear the waves which are figuratively used to mean life’s difficulties.

In one of the cover pages of the book, it is explained that  Waiting for the Waves  is about a little girl, Titi, who loved the ocean and the big, big waves. 

She also loved spending time with her Uncle Joe, who encouraged and inspired her to overcome her fears. 

Her fascination and love for the big waves also underscored the law of polarity of both love and fear. 

Ultimately the love of her uncle and family helped her conquer her fear of the big waves. 

“This story highlights the contradictions of emotions: ultimately, by freeing oneself from fear, you give yourself permission to truly experience the beauty of nature,” wrote the Head of Sacred Heart College, Colin Northmore, in a forward of the book, published by  LANSM Publishing Ltd.

Michelle Nkamankeng’s who does ballet, plays netball, gymnastics and swimming and music is described by her mother as a little girl who always follows her dreams. 

“She’s caring, passionate and smart; she never lets anyone get in her way,” says her mother Laurentine (Lolo) Nkamankeng.

Her father Paul Nkamankeng said through her daughter, he now has an idea of what it takes to publish a book. 

“As a parent, my main role was to give advice, encouragement and financial sponsorship to make this a reality. I just learnt that publishing a book is a very expensive exercise!” he said. Michelle is the third child in a family of four.

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