Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Bamenda Protests: Locals Pressure Police to Get Mancho BBC’s 'Friend' Released

Tension was again rife in Bamenda in the North West Region of Cameroon,for the greater part of November 30, 2016. At the time of filing in this report several witnesses testified how there were flames around mobile Nkwen in Bamenda. 

Locals were reportedly rushing for safety as security forces fired teargas. Other witnesses said violence almost degenerated when police and gendarmes broke up bike riders who were celebrating the release of a resident arrested earlier on  around the Bamenda Main Market. Witnesses testified seeing more that 40 bike riders arrested with their faces reportedly facing the ground.

Origin of Tension

The origins of the tension were rumours announcing the arrest of the gentleman who allegedly led what is being described as the ‘coffin revolution,” Mancho BBc .  It turned out to be that Mancho was not under arrest. Witnesses identified the person arrested as Che Benji, said to be a friend to Mancho BBc.

At the judicial police in Old Town, Mankon,  where Che Benji was bundled and detained, hundreds of local residents from the Bamenda Main Market converged, to demand for his unconditional release. It took several hours for Che to gain his freedom. 

Several residents said security forces were allegedly causing people to flee from Bamenda central town to neighboring villages and location to avoid been brutalised or arrested.

Meanwhile other reports indicate that the bike riders are quoted as promising to get all their compatriots detained to gain their freedom. 

Others were quoted as saying should Mancho Bbc be arrested, the tension in Bamenda could degenerate into violence.

An official of the Bamenda Governor's office declined making any comment about the reported tension in Bamenda. No government official had made a statement about the fears of violence that has gripped Bamenda.

What started as a strike action November 21 by teachers trade unions  to demand improved working conditions and the respect for the Anglo-Saxon system of Education is fast turning into resistance against what social media critics are describing as injustice.

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