Monday, 5 December 2016

Fru Ndi, Thousands March on Buea, SCNC Flag Hoisted in Kumba, Bamenda Market Closed

After blocking the chairman of the Social Democratic Front Party at the Parliamentary Flat in Buea for hours, Ni John Fru Ndi and his delegation of MPs , Senators and Mayors finally set to stage a protest march on the streets of Buea, in the South West Region of Cameroon December 5 2016. From the Molyko Stadium, the march is to the Governor's office.

The messages on the placards condemned police and gendarmerie brutality on peaceful demonstrators. 

Other were calling for outright independence for Southern Cameroons, while there were also calls for a Federation. 

Buea 5 2016
Security has been tightened amid fears of violence. 

Buea Dec 2016
Witnesses said those taking part in the march on Buea are not putting on any political party regalia as means of showing a general discontent by Cameroonians against the Yaounde Regime.

Buea Dec 5 2016 
Tension is reported high in Kumba in the South West Region, where a Southern Cameroons National Council flag was hoisted. 

SDF MPs (Hon Nintcheu -Left) Buea Dec 5 2016 
The flag was reportedly pulled down by soldiers who are said to be parading the streets of Kumba and its environs.

In Bamenda in the North West region, the Central Market was simply closed down following calls from Traders’ Trade Unions.

Several schools in the South West and North West region have reportedly closed down as the All Anglophone Teachers Union enter their third week of strike action.

Bamenda Market 
Bamenda Market Dec 5 2016 

Kumba Dec 5 2016

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