Sunday, 6 August 2017

SC Struggle: After Belgium, Cameroon Gov’t Meeting in South Africa Disrupted

 After the humiliation of envoys of the government of Cameroon who were dispatched to Belgium, the meeting scheduled between Cameroonians in South Africa and a Cameroonian Minister has been disrupted.

It is not clear what actually caused the disruption although demonstrators were heard accusing the embassy officials of selecting people who do not represent them, for talks on the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

Demonstration at Cameroon High Commission, South Africa
Reports from the South African capital, Pretoria, August 6 2017, said some demonstrators’ dressed in Southern Cameroons regalia appeared at the Cameroon High Commission, requesting to be part of the meeting. 

They are said to have accused embassy officials of preparing envelops to dish out to attendees who did not represent the people. Losing patience, the commotion led to a stampede at the embassy gate, forcing it open.  The meeting which ongoing was disrupted. Embassy officials were seen by witnesses, leaving the disrupted venue. 

The South African police were also called in. An embassy official who was contacted declined making any statement.  The incident in South Africa comes barely a day after a similar meeting to discuss the Southern Cameroons crisis was interrupted in Brussels, Belgium. The Minister of Justice Laurent Esso led the government delegation.

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