Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Yaounde: Tracking Down of Southern Cameroonians Continue, More Declared Missing

With the tension seemingly escalating as the Southern Cameroons restoration quest continues, many more Southern Cameroonians are still being hunted down by security forces in the capital of Cameroon, Yaoundé.    
Mbarga Nguele in Suit: Hunting Southern Cameroonians? 
A source in Kumba, who preferred not to be named sent the following hint on October 16 2017. “The type of things happening these days makes one afraid of the future. Young boys were removed from their houses in Yaounde, in the Obili area and taken to the police stations. 

Their names were taken down with where they originated from. As as if that was not enough, they wrote their names on posters and asked them to carry it in front of them while their pictures were taken.To the best of my knowledge, such pictures are taken for criminals.  

The question now is, are we sure they will not get up one day and use it against those children? My mother in Yaoundé is scared to death.  Two of her sons were removed from the house and that was exactly what was done to them at the police station, ” the source said.

Police men patrolling 
A Yaounde police officer who could not explain the reason for such an exercise simply said they were acting on instructions from hierarchy. “I cannot explain what the government wants to do.  Police stations around where Anglophones or Southern Cameroonians reside have been asked by the DGSN, the police boss, Martin Mbarga Nguele to do so. 

We the security men from Southern Cameroons look like suspects who support the struggle when we want to ask many questions” the source who also did not wish to be named recounted. The source was quick to advice that every Southern Cameroonian must be quick to delete some conversations in their phones. As the "man hunt" for southern Cameroonians and Ambazonians continue, there are more reports of families not seeing their loved ones.

Searching for missing S. Cameroonians?
Reports  from Njong Village in Santa Subdivion in the North West Region indicate that some three youths who were arrested on September 22 2017 are nowhere to be found. 

Family members report that they have been searching for Tsibih Naabussong Owen Smith.,  Tsbi Tsi Clarence Hilis  and Akuma Desmond Nkwenti to no avail. 

Their father has reportedly made several trips to Yaounde and Bafousam detention facilities in vain. Their whereabouts is not known till date.  The reports of these three missing persons goes to swell the list of those who have “ disappeared” since the Southern Cameroons struggle took a different phase in October 2016.

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