Wednesday, 25 May 2016


On Tuesday May 24 2016, the Chairman of the three decade old ruling Cameroon People's Democratic Movement, CPDM, Paul Biya signed a decision,  appointing members of the ‘Permanent Delegation of the Central Committee’ of his party in the different 56 Divisions of Cameroon.

Apart from appointing dead people (like Pius Ottou who died in 2014)  the chairman of the CPDM nominated, in his usual style, old, retired, unproductive current and former Ministers, Governors, Chair persons of Corporations, some under investigations for alleged embezzlement,

there are still fears that President Paul Biya, typical to his unpredictable and chaotic rule and character, could anticipate-God forbid, the 2018 quadruple- Municipal, Legislative, Senatorial and Presidential elections.

It all began with the reorgansation of the basic organs and specialized units of the party in 2015. The fierce battle among the militants like in Buea, South West Region, was somewhat indicative that something could be in the offing. They CPDM militants might have been told about the stakes of the reorganization process for a party which finds it difficult to hold elective conventions.

Within the same period we head an un-called for and provocative 'motions of support' with the Chairman of the CPDM, remaining deafeningly quiet as if he was unaware of what was happening.

And so typical of the Biya regime in the wake of any major fraud they want to organize against the Cameroonians, there has been heavy repression on opposition political party militants and civil society actors 

who dare show any contrary view or raise an opposing voice against any anticipated elections. We saw this form of violence in 2008 when the 18 January 1996 constitution was about to be modified to un-limit presidential terms.

With the appointment of the members of the Permanent Delegation in the different Divisions of Cameroons, there is need to warn the CPDM Chairman and his followers of the risk of plunging Cameroon into chaos should they try to stage another coup against the Cameroonian people.

One begins to wonder, where the Cameroonian opposition is and what it is capable of doing in the wake of agitations from the ruling party. If the elections are anticipated ‘by force’ by a regime which has only one plan of action, that of maintaining their Chairman of the CPDM and President of the Republic in power, would the opposition be ready? I doubt and strongly doubt. 

Therefore while the opposition parties which the committed artist Valsero says have been rendered stupid by Paul Biya, continue to slumber, the CPDM Chairman, should not try to organize anticipated elections and must be continuously advised to leave office. Resign for sake of the country.

As a country, Cameroon has numerous problems ranging from security threats, scourging unemployment, no adequate infrastructure,  

to poverty, open theft and corruption,  which needs to be addressed. There is no single reason for elections to be anticipated and Paul Biya should, for, once halt any such plans.

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