Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Gov;t Claims It Has Arrested Leader of 'Southern Cameroons Liberation Movement' With Arms, Explosives

The Minister of Communication, has said that security forces have arrested five persons including the leader of the Southern Cameroons Liberation Movement.
Minister Tchiroma :  For Real? 
In a press briefing August 9 2017 in Yaounde, Issa Tchiroma claimed the main suspect he presented as Mr Dasi Alfred has confessed that he was planning to carry out attacks on security forces.
Social media critics and analysts are accusing the government of making a repeat of what it allegedly did in 1996-1997- planting of military devices and regalia in Kumbo, in order to clamp down on Southern Cameroons National Council activists. Government never denied such allegations.
A source close to the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Governing Council, a grouping of most of the liberation movements said, the resistance is peaceful and that the Southern Cameroons case is rooted in international law, with no need for the use of arms. The source said an official position should be expected.
Below is full declaration from communication Minister on the arrest of suspects with explosives....




Yaoundé, 09 August 2017

On 2nd and 3rd August 2017, the services of the North-West Regional Delegation for National Security arrested five individuals during their inspection operations in the town of Mbengwi, Momo Division, of the North-West Region.
They are DASI Alfred NGYAH alias "Sniper"; MBA-ABE Edwin DASI; TEFEH Collins TEGHE; FUH Luther CHE; NGWA Louis MONYONGA and Martha FORMENYAM.
The first exploitation of the detainees allowed to carry out a raid at the residence of Mr DASI Alfred NGYAH, prominently the head of the gang, where the police discovered several military items carefully arranged and concealed in a bunker by him.
Those items include semi-automatic firearms, night vision devices with a telemeter laser, shooting goggles, a firing episcope equipped with amour plating, bipods and tripods for precision weapons, gun chargers for snipers, containers equipped with explosive charges, chemicals as explosive charges, detonator cords, explosive device switches, timers and other devices for the manufacturing of improvised explosive devices and firearms.
The exploitation of a laptop which was also seized at the scene revealed the presence of electronic files containing information on the manufacturing of improvised explosive devices and a map unveiling the hidden units of the Southern Cameroon Liberation Movement.
The first results of the investigation currently under way indicate that the main suspect, Mr DASI Alfred NGYAH, resides in a foreign country of which he is also a national, although he is of Cameroonian origin.
He admitted being a member of the Ambazonia and the main leader of the armed wing of the "Liberation Movement of Southern Cameroon".
Questioned on the origin, belonging and destination of the military devices seized at his residence, the individual asserted to be the owner and declared that he had personally acquired them abroad, and then transferred them to Cameroon via a neighboring country.
Investigations carried out also made it possible to establish that Mr DASI Alfred NGYAH was the brain of the network previously identified as the perpetrator of the attack foiled in prelude to the celebration of the May 20, 2015 National Day in Bamenda.
The suspect had then managed to escape and taken refuge abroad.
Returning to Cameroon, he was planning, along with members of his commando, to carry out attacks against the Defense and Security Forces, military officials and administrative authorities.
At the time of his arrest on August 2 and 3, the network headed by Mr DASI Alfred NGYAH was preparing to attack a police checkpoint.
As it is, investigations are underway in the competent services.

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