Monday, 18 July 2016


With rumours about the ‘inhouse’fighting to succeed President Paul Biya, many Cameroonians are afraid of what becomes of the country after his reign. Going by reports, there are two camps engaged in this struggle for Cameroon after Biya. One is asking President Biya to continue ruling, by calling for early elections, while the other is asking the President not to do so. He should to step aside if peace must reign in Cameroon after him.

In the wake of the ongoing perceived or real battles to succeed President Biya, a Cameroonian  USA based international business lawyer and politician, Dr David Makongo, believes that President Paul Biya can avoid bloodshed by putting in place a transitional government, now that he is still strong and retains some control, instead of running for reelection.

In a July 19 2016 statement, the man of law and politics argues that there is need for separation of powers between the executive judiciary and the legislative arms of government and most importantly for the neglected youths to be empowered.

Below is Full Statement.... 

                                                                                      BIYA SHOULD  AVOID BLOODSHED IN  CAMEROON - DR DAVID MAKONGO

I think the youths should be given a chance to emerge now and not tomorrow. With so much natural resources and wealth underneath our earth surface, we refuse that the youths of Cameroon must continue to live in misery and poverty. With so many failed promises and false hopes, we refuse to wait again until the dawn of another false hope of emergence in 2035.

If the youth must emerge today, President Biya must abolish the discretionary tax policies responsible for corruption and for killing thousands of small and medium size enterprises.

If the youths must emerge today, President Biya must end corruption by declaring his assets and those of his Ministers and Managers, as required by the 1996 constitution.

If we must end job drought and attract meaningful foreign investment, President Biya must institute the rule of law and also abide by international court decisions that have gone against his regime.

If Cameroon must remain united, peaceful and secure in the long run, President Biya must close down his unpopular “kangaroo special criminal court” and release all political prisoners condemned by what many within the national and international community term as Biya’s “political lynching apparatus.”   

If Cameroon must continue on the path of peace and internal security, the President must allow the lower and upper houses of parliament and the judiciary to function separately and without executive interference.

The President should resign now and form a transitional government that will include an equal number of representatives from Anglophone and Francophone communities; including Christians and Muslims, women and youth, from the opposition and his supporters. He must give the transition government a clear mandate with a free hand to prepare the nation for democratic, free and fair elections monitored by credible national and international observers. 

This is the only way President Biya, can assure himself of a perfect exit from the national political stage and also guarantee peace and security to prevail in Cameroon, long after his awaited departure.Only then can bloodshed that I foresee, could be avoided and for peace and prosperity to prevail in Cameroon.

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