Monday, 7 November 2016

Dr Makongo Calls on Africans In America to Vote For Hilary Clinton

Legal guru and political analyst, Dr David Makongo is calling on all African in America to vote for Hilary Clinton in the 8 November USA presidential elections. 

In a statementon the eve of the elections, he said a vote for Hilary is a vote for better immigration policies for the immigrant population.

“Our own brother Barack Obama maintained growth in America. Millions felt and feel at home. A vote for Hilary is not only to guarantee better immigration policies but also for the extension of better health care and guarantee the safety of black lives,” he said.

The legal expert who has traveled to more than 40 Africa countries and some 170 others the world over said voting Hilary Clinton into the White House is the best of things that could happen to the African continent. 


“ I know what I am talking about after visiting more than 40 African countries for academic and business purposes. Africa stands to gain a lot if Hilary becomes next president in America. I call on all Africans in the USA to cast their vote in favour of Hilary Clinton,” he insisted. 

Dr Makongo concluded in his statement that it was time for a female president for the United State of America.

“ She has proven her worth as a woman with exceptional abilities. All Africans in America should vote for her and join the world in the promotion of gender equality and equity.

PS: We join our voices to that of Dr David Makongo, to call on all Africans in America to vote for Hilary Clinton tomorrow November 8 2016.

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