Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Eseka Train Tragedy: Dr. Fomunyoh Donates Own Blood , Lays Wreath For Victims

It was a symbolic but landmark stop at the Yaounde Central Hospital and Emergency Centre on Friday October 28, 2016 when the President of The Fomunyoh Foundation (TFF), arrived the health unit and voluntarily opted to donate his precious blood.

The blood bank had ran dry following a ghastly rail derailment at Eseka on October 21, 2016, that has so far claimed close to one hundred lives with many more still in dire need of medical attention in various hospitals.

Apparently unperturbed and still strong even after the blood reduction from his system, Dr. Fomunyoh took time to hand gifts of assorted items to the victims as he went around with near wet eyes comforting them.

After Yaounde, Dr Fomunyoh traveled to the train crash site in Eseka where he observed a minute of silence and laid a wreath in memory of the victims. He also joined the clergy in praying for the souls of those who died.
Mokun Njony Nelson, Senior Journalist, Guest writer

Giving Your Blood For Your Country : A Comment*
Since the Eseka train tragedy on October 21 2016, the solidarity Cameroonians have shown to the victims, despite criticisms on government’s poor handling and management of the crisis, gives the impression that all is not lost for the country.
Beyond much talk, we have seen Cameroonians and friends of Cameroon, including members of the diplomatic corps, step in to assist in one way or the other. 
A Cameroonian who has been exhibiting love of country in several aspects, made another  life saving gesture to the victims of the tragedy few days after it occurred.
The President of The Fomunyoh Foundation, TFF, Dr Christopher Fomunyoh actually donated his own blood to the victims of the Eseka tragedy. He also made  substantial and important material donations to the survivors. 

Without waiting to be served or read reports of what might have actually transpired, TFF's President personally visited the site where the trained crashed.
For a compatriot to leave the diaspora where he works generally and travel to Cameroon few days after the tragedy, there are indications that there are still Cameroonians who have love of country and that he is in good health. Of course, not everyone can donate blood in any case!
Dr  Fomunyoh’s visit to the victims in Yaounde  and the accident area, is also indicative that Cameroon deserves and needs compatriots who are always around them  in times of joy and in times of sorrow; leaders who commune with the people.

TFF  President's gesture comes at a time when some compatriots are using every space available, only to criticise  the government , making no concrete action and  without proposing any alternative.
 Dr Christopher Fomunyoh is one of those who began speaking of indemnification of the victims and proper medical care a day after the incident.

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