Friday, 9 December 2016

Happening: Kumba Protesters Demand Justice for Bamenda Killings... Bamenda Schools Shut Down

The city of Kumba, headquarters of Meme Division in South West Region, Cameroon has this December 9 2016 been grounded by angry locals who are demanding justice for those killed in Bamenda the day before.

Buea Road Kumba- Dec 9 2016 
Concordant reports indicate that commercial motor cyclists are parading the streets from Kumba Town Green to other neighbourhoods. 

Kumba December 9 2016 
All stores and markets have been shut down, with reports speaking of Road blocks on major junctions and especially on the entrance to Kumba from Buea.

Kumba Dec 9 2016 Police Car In front of Protesters
Witnesses quote some of the placards as reading “stop killing our brothers. Liberate us.”  Security forces are reportedly calm and monitoring the situation although the tension seems mounting in the Meme Headquarters.

Kumba Dec 9 2016 

 Over in Bamenda in the North West region, circulation is grounded in the commercial avenue as security forces parade the streets. 

Workers were unable to get transportation to work as early as 6:30 local time. 

Pictures on social media show students in boarding schools packing their bags to leave the school premises.

Other schools have reportedly called on parents to come for their children.

The main commercial center, Commercial Avenue remains shut down. 

Reports earlier on in Bamenda had indicated then several passengers making their way into the city were stranded at the up station hills as security forces prevented them.

Video posted on social media showed troops patrolling the main streets of Bamenda on foot or in the open backs of pickup trucks. Residents are said to be deserting the town for nearby villages.

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